27 Feb 2013

Unbrave Eats: Battle Kimchi at Yakitori Bar in Toronto

When my friend, Pam, first told me that she’d signed us up to attend something called Battle Kimchi at Yakitori Bar, one of her favorite haunts in Toronto, this past weekend, I imagined us being surrounded by lots of hot, hunky, Korean chefs.

Not that this is anything new.

I like to imagine myself […]

24 Feb 2013

Thank you for your support. And for almost getting me arrested. But mostly for your support.

You guys, I just got back from the most amazing ladies’ night in Toronto.

I, seriously, have SO MUCH to tell you guys.

Like, I tried poutine for the first time ever. Which made me realize my life needs a lot more cheese and gravy in it.

I also tried a Caesar for the […]

21 Feb 2013

Advice You Really Shouldn’t Follow: How to Begin Traveling

Has it really only been one week since I started my advice column?

Because, seriously, guys, I’m already feeling a lot wiser.

Or, at least, a lot older.

But, hey, nothing a little Nice ‘n Easy can’t fix.

Let’s get to this week’s question, shall we?

After all, I don’t have a lot of […]

17 Feb 2013

Weeklyish Challengey Thingie: Do Something Cool

Remember my New Year’s resolution to do more stuff that makes me happy?

Well, unlike any other resolution I’ve made in the history of my life ever, I’ve actually managed to kind of keep this one.

I’ve been working less and writing a lot more. (I mean, not to brag or anything, but I’ve […]

13 Feb 2013

Advice You Really Shouldn’t Follow: Returning to the United States

Hey guys, remember when I told you that I was starting an advice column?

And how you should all drop everything you were doing and instantly contact me with all your problems?

Well, apparently, only four of you have any problems because that’s exactly the number of responses I got.

I had no idea […]