30 Sep 2012

What’s Next?

Well, guys, it’s over.

My days as a travel blogger are finished.

What’s that you say?

“You? A travel blogger? But wouldn’t that require actually writing about travel and not, say, your couch?”

Okay, so it’s possible you have a point..

I haven’t been the most travely of travel bloggers.

But I’m about to […]

23 Sep 2012

That Time I Went to Vietnam

Hey, remember that time I went to Vietnam?

Yeah, I know.

Me neither.

Not that I didn’t have a really great time in Vietnam. In fact, judging from the photos, I’m pretty sure I had the most awesome time of my life there.

Mostly because the majority of my photos show me shoving some […]

17 Sep 2012

5 Things I Really Kind of Liked About Macau

After taking the hour-long ferry from Shenzhen, the first thing that greeted me upon my arrival in Macau was a video in the ferry terminal promoting the city’s ban on smoking in public places.

This was my first hint that I wasn’t in China anymore.

Well, that and the massive fake volcano that towered […]

9 Sep 2012

5 Things I Don’t Miss About China (Even though I don’t remember not liking them when I lived there)

After writing that post a few weeks ago about all the stuff I miss about living in China, I thought it would only be fair to write a post about the stuff I don’t miss.

You know, because I’m all about balance. Except, of course, when it comes to dessert.

Much like the stuff […]