31 May 2012

Park Envy at the Temple of Heaven

As much as I love my little neck of the woods here in China, every time I visit a bigger, more cosmopolitan city, I can’t help wondering what life would be like if I lived some place, you know, cool.

Like some place people have actually heard of.

I have to admit it would […]

25 May 2012

The 10K Race of Doom (Part 2! Yay! I Didn’t Die! I think.)

I’m alive, you guys!

Either that, or I am dead. In that case, death feels a lot like life. Which is stupid because I always thought I’d be a lot skinnier in the afterlife. Or, at least, I always thought I’d be one of those people with visible ankles.

As you may recall from […]

16 May 2012

The 10K Race of Doom (Part 1. Hopefully.)

You know how I’m pretty much always saying I’m going to die?

And you’re pretty much always like, “Um, really, Sally? It’s just a cold. Get over it.”?

Well, this time I totally mean it, you guys.

I’m going to die.

This weekend, to be exact.

(In an effort to be unreasonably hopeful, I’ve […]

9 May 2012

Weeklyish Challengey Thingie: Buy Some Lady Shoes

A miracle has happened, you guys!

I found lady shoes in my size! And I didn’t even have to leave the country!

Now, I know this may not qualify as a miracle in your book, but it should be obvious to you by now that we’re reading from two totally different books here.

You […]

1 May 2012

Weeklyish Challengey Thingie: Decide What To Do With My Life (Yes, Again)

It’s that time of year again, folks.

Time to decide what the heck I’m doing with my life.

My semester-long contract at the university where I’m currently teaching in China is quickly coming to an end, and I’ve had to decide if I’m sticking around another semester or moving on.

Doesn’t it seem like […]