22 Oct 2011

Required Reading: What to Read When You Can’t Read Me (You’re Welcome)

Well, hello there.

Long time, no see.

I apologize for being a bit absent on the interwebs lately.

I know you were all terribly worried.

Possibly you thought I was kidnapped by Mongolian street bandits.

Or maybe you thought I had finally succumbed to one of the many Nineteenth Century diseases I’m convinced […]

2 Oct 2011

Lost That Travel Feeling: What To Do When Travel Makes You Go “Meh”

I have a confession to make.

You see.


I don’t know how to say this.


The thing is…


Okay. I’ll just come right out with it:


Phew, I said it!

What’s that? You didn’t understand me?

Okay, fine. I’ll type a little more slowly this time:

I. Don’t. Feel. […]