25 Sep 2011

Dreaming Big, Aiming Low & Figuring Out What I Want to Be When I Grow Up

A while back, I wrote that one of the things I love about Americans is that we know how to dream big. As kids, we all want to be rock stars and dolphin trainers and astronauts when we grow up. And, bless our little hearts, we all believe that given enough willpower and elbow […]

12 Sep 2011

On What 9-11 Taught Me About Home

Ten years ago I was, what kids these days might call, a hot mess.

I was living in Washington, DC, at the time. I had moved there because a friend from college had an available room in his apartment. I was working two jobs in order to pay rent and chip away at the […]

3 Sep 2011

The Solo Travel Girl’s Guide to Dealing with Unwanted Attention in Asia

A couple months ago, I got an email from a young woman who was planning on moving to China to teach English. After reading several blog posts and articles by other female travelers about the treatment of Western women in this part of the world, she was concerned. She’d read stories of women being […]