25 Aug 2011

By Any Other Name: Why I Call Myself A Writer

Warning: This post contains rants about blogging and travel blogging and writing and other topics which I understand may be of little interest to many of my lovely friends and readers out there. I will warn you when we get to that point.

Until then, I’d like to share with you a little story […]

23 Aug 2011

Six Signs Hangzhou May (or May Not) Be Heaven on Earth

I had high hopes for my summer.

Like so high it’s possible I was on drugs.

I was going to get tons of writing done. I was going to go running everyday and get in shape. I was going to blow you all away with a series of top ten blog posts like you’d […]

12 Aug 2011

Sinking, Swimming & Staying Afloat: On Writing & Other Near Death Experiences

When I was kid, I almost drowned.

Yeah, like, to death.

(If you want to take a moment right now to contemplate what your life would be like without me and to cry inconsolably, I’ll understand. Feel free to pull out your hair a bit if that makes you feel any better. I’ll wait.)


6 Aug 2011

5 Travel Mistakes I Make Over and Over Again

You know that old saying about learning from your mistakes?

Yeah, well, that doesn’t apply to me so much.

I make a lot of mistakes. Like, a lot of them.

If to err is human, then I must be some kind of super-human because I’m, like, really super good at erring.

Of course, every […]

2 Aug 2011

Bad Karma (or Why I Shouldn’t Be a Show-off)

I mentioned a few posts back, that in the third grade I chipped my front tooth while hanging off the merry-go-round at school. This was in an attempt to show off my daredevilry skills — daredevilry skills that, sadly, I did not actually possess at the time (or now). I also didn’t happen to […]