25 Mar 2011

Less Crazy, More Pants: What I Packed This Time Around

Shortly after moving to Japan four years ago, I started to receive boxes in the mail — lots and lots of boxes.

Big ones.

Full of stuff.

What was this stuff, you ask?

Well, simply, it was evidence of my hysteria.

You see, right before I moved to Japan I went a little, umm, […]

20 Mar 2011

Disasters Suck (and a few things that don’t)

Last weekend, I had planned to write a long, blathery blog post about my recent run-in with a respiratory infection. It would include all the exaggeration and self-absorption of my usual posts – but with more mention of phlegm… and Chinese cough syrup.

But then on Friday, a massive earthquake and tsunami devastated the […]

6 Mar 2011

The China Challenge: Sally Versus The Middle Kingdom

So, remember last week when I was all like, “I’m in love with China!”

And you were all like, “You’ve only been there a week and a half. You don’t even know China. Give it more time.”

And I was like, “Listen, just because you had that little problem with Bali a couple years […]