27 Jan 2011

Chiang Mai on the Cheap: the Unbrave Girl’s Guide to (Reluctant) Budget Living

Last week, I left the lovely city of Chiang Mai, Thailand after living there for a grand total of three and a half months. As this is the longest time I had stayed in any one place for the past year, you’d think I would have managed to do and see a lot of […]

13 Jan 2011

I Quit: 5 Reasons Why I Can’t Be Your Inspiration Any More

I’ve gotten some disturbing emails and blog comments lately. I’m not just talking about the spam comments. (I tend to find the spam comments more heart-breaking than disturbing. Just yesterday, I received a very sad comment from a young man from Africa. “I am a poor man,” Mr. Buypenisenlargementpills explained. “I need money to […]

3 Jan 2011

10 Things I Learned in 10 Months of Traveling in 2010 (with pictures!)

If you’re a regular reader of this blog, you know that I don’t do top ten list type entries very often (like ever). Usually I just blather on for a couple hundred paragraphs about cookies and my pants until I remember that I was supposed to have a point. (If you’re not a regular reader […]