26 Dec 2010

Unbrave Girl Gets Real: In Search of the Authentic Travel Experience

Three years ago, when I first came to Chiang Mai during a month-long trip through Thailand, I signed up for a one-day group tour, which included an elephant ride, jungle trek and visit to a hill tribe village. A friend of mine had done a similar excursion while she was in Thailand and had […]

16 Dec 2010

To Do or Not to Do: Unbrave Girl Battles Indecision (and wins… maybe)

A while back, I sent in an essay I had written to an online travel magazine. Hey, I figured, I’ve been doling out my writing for free for four years on my blog; wasn’t it about time I became rich and famous through the lucrative world of freelance journalism? (Right, guys? That’s how people […]

7 Dec 2010

In Defense of Fear & Why Traveling Doesn’t Make You Brave

Last week, I went out to dinner with some new friends I had met at a Thanksgiving party. At one point, someone mentioned that she had seen my blog. “You have a blog?” one of the women asked, “I’ve never met a travel blogger before.”

She seemed so genuinely fascinated, that I didn’t have […]