26 Nov 2010

Unbrave Girl Gives Thanks: On Being Grateful (& the awesomeness of spinach-artichoke dip)

I am a believer.

Not so much in a religious sense of the word, mind you, but in a believing-without-having-much-proof sense of the word. I believe in my online horoscope and those tiny slips of paper you get from fortune cookies. I believe in cheesy movies. I believe in wishes made on stars and […]

16 Nov 2010

Unbrave Girl at the Movies: A Belated Review of Eat, Pray, Love

The weekend before last, Eat, Pray, Love finally opened in cinemas in Thailand. I had been planning to go see the movie on my own for some time. After all, the movie is about a solo female traveler. (Well, it’s actually about a female traveler who’s solo for all of eight months until she […]

4 Nov 2010

Unbrave Girl in a Rut: When Life Goes from Blog-worthy to Boring

Am I boring you? You would tell me, right, if I was boring you.


It’s okay if you are a bit bored with me. To be honest, even I’ve gotten the teensiest bit bored with myself lately. It’s hard to believe, really.

I never imagined that I could bore myself. After all, I’m […]