19 Oct 2010

Behaving Badly: the Unbrave Girl’s Guide to Unleashing Your Inner Bad Traveler

I tried to be a good traveler. I really, really did.

I did the off-the-beaten track thing for a grand total of five months: first in the jungles of Northern Thailand and then in Malaysia.

I self-butchered a chicken.

I became BFFs with a Malaysian rice farmer.

I ate noodles every single day for […]

10 Oct 2010

Unbrave Girl Does Good: from Snarky to Selfless (kind of)

A week or so ago, I was sitting in a coffee shop in Chiang Mai with a friend of mine. As we were digging into our French toast and iced cappuccinos, we struck up a conversation with a man sitting next to us. He was an American in his early sixties or thereabouts. He […]

2 Oct 2010

Unbrave Girl Gets Happy: Perfectly Pleasant in Chiang Mai

Last week, shortly after posting my last blog entry, I received an email from a good friend in the States.

To be honest, it wasn’t an email.

It was an intervention.

My friend wrote that he was worried about me — and he wasn’t alone. According to his email, many of our mutual friends […]