21 Sep 2010

Unbrave Girl over the Hill: Contemplating Life, Death & Pension Plans in Laos

I’ve been thinking lately that I may be a bit too old for this world travel thing.

Being in my thirties didn’t seem all that ancient when I lived in Japan, where the average life expectancy is like a million years old or something. Heck, when I turned thirty in the States four years […]

11 Sep 2010

Unbrave Girl on the Job: Finding a Volunteer Gig that Fits

Ahh, new jobs… aren’t they the best?!

New jobs are kind of like a new pair of shoes or a new relationship. We approach them full of hope and optimism. We just know that This One will work out. This One will be the perfect fit. This One won’t make us sit in a […]

5 Sep 2010

No More Travel Mojo? The Unbrave Girl’s Guide to Getting Your Groove Back

Right before I left Penang last week, a friend of mine came to town on business. Knowing that I had weathered my fair share of budget accommodation recently (despite being a very unbudget kind of girl), he offered to let me camp out in his five-star hotel room that was being paid for by […]