29 Apr 2010

Unbrave Eats: Lemon & Sesame Pringles


As you might have gathered from my catchy blog name, there are very few things that do not strike fear in my heart. Included in my many fears are ceiling fans, ladders, snakes, stray dogs, science fiction, caviar and Cabbage Patch Kids. But, above all else, my number one fear is […]

25 Apr 2010

The Unbrave Girl’s Guide to Chiang Rai

I am currently attempting to do my year-long Asian adventure both guidebook and tour-group-free. While this may seem like some virtuous attempt on my behalf to have a more, shall we say, “authentic” travel experience, I assure you there is nothing virtuous about this plan — unless laziness and desire to avoid any undue […]

21 Apr 2010

Unbrave Eats: Green Chicken Curry

Before taking my Thai cooking class three weeks ago, I convinced myself that this time I would actually use the knowledge I learned in class unlike the other times I’ve taken cooking classes (and, you know, all those times I’ve taken language classes… and those viola lessons I took in high school… and that […]

17 Apr 2010

Extreme Makeover: the Unbravegirl Edition

I’m sporting a new look these days: both virtually and physically.

First of all, you might notice that my blog has gotten a whole new makeover! Didn’t notice? Well, then, either you’re a new reader to my blog. (If so, welcome! I hope you enjoy your time here and leave me lots of comments […]

11 Apr 2010

Take Two: Why Some Places Deserve a Second Chance

When I decided to return to Japan about three years ago, after having been gone for almost ten years, my friends and family were surprised. As I cheerfully told them my plans to move back and teach English again, I would attempt to pawn off my used housewares or unread books or, say, my […]