9 Mar 2010

Unbrave Eats: Pineapple Pancakes

When I was in Thailand two and a half years ago, I took a cooking class at one of the many cooking schools geared for tourists. The class started the morning in the market, where the instructor helpfully pointed out all the different fruits and vegetables while my fellow classmates and I gawked (or gagged, […]

6 Mar 2010

Unbrave Eats: Pad Thai

When I first visited Thailand two years ago, I stayed pretty much on the beaten track. The only time I ventured off this track was by accident: I was on an elephant in the jungle with only the very cranky elephant and the even crankier elephant driver to keep me company. As we wandered […]

4 Mar 2010

Hit the Road: the Unbrave Girl’s Checklist for Packing up, Picking up & Leaving

I did it. Just last week, I left my life in Japan to start my one-year, around-Asia adventure. Last Wednesday, I flew to Taiwan where I spent the rest of the week with college friends: eating, hiking (not really so much on purpose, but as a result of getting lost), eating some more (to […]