27 Mar 2010

How I Roll: Confessions of a Seriously Slow Traveler

The first time I left United States I was nineteen years old and scared out of my mind. Well, okay, I’d been to Canada before, but I grew up in Buffalo, New York, where Canada is considered just an extension of the United States — an extension that happens to have a lower drinking […]

23 Mar 2010

Unbrave Eats: Roast Chicken with Green Papaya Salad

In the past two and a half weeks of house-sitting in Northern Thailand, I will admit that I haven’t exactly been getting out and about much. Aside from a weekly bus trip into nearby Chiang Rai for provisions (read: bread, milk, CAKE) I’ve mostly been sticking close to home. There are two restaurants where […]

20 Mar 2010

Self Discovery for Scaredy Cats

A couple weeks ago when I was leaving the Kansai airport in Japan, I was listening to my iPod when I heard this line in a song by Everything But The Girl: “When we meet what we’re afraid of, we find out what we’re made of.”

Now, I wouldn’t say I’m one of those […]

16 Mar 2010

Unbrave Eats: Thai Chicken Stir-fry with Spicy Peanut Sauce

I am not what you would call an enthusiastic cook. I’m not even sure I am what you would call a cook. In Japan, I cooked most of my own meals, but it was not something I did because I enjoyed it. It was something I did so that I didn’t have to eat […]

12 Mar 2010

what i’ve gotten myself into

It has been just over one week since I was left on my own in the middle of rural Northern Thailand. For the next two months, my home is a beautiful little jungley plot of land about an hour south of Burma complete with banana trees and geckos where I’m cat-sitting for some friends […]