26 Feb 2010

Unbrave Eats: Shihlin Night Market Food

When my flight touched down at the Taiwan Taoyuan International Airport on Wednesday afternoon, the television screens on the back of the seats starting playing an advertisement from the Taiwanese Tourism Board. (Which, when you think about it, is a little odd. Why try to sell a trip to Taiwan to a bunch of […]

17 Feb 2010

The Unbrave Girl’s Guide to Going from Spendy to Shoestring in Three (not-so-easy) Steps

This past weekend I took what will most likely be my last luxury trip in a long time. Two friends and I went to nearby city of Naruto on Shikoku island for an overnight stay and onsen hot tub soak at one of the many resort hotels there. Because Naruto’s only a couple hours […]

15 Feb 2010

Unbrave Eats: Seafood-flavored Snack Chips

Happy (slightly belated) Valentine’s Day, everyone! In the spirit of this special day, I have done something truly special (and by “special,” I mean “not recommended”). I have taken it upon myself to consume four different types of seafood-flavored snack chips and I’ve reviewed them below. This way you will never have to wonder again […]

11 Feb 2010

Family Planning: the Unbrave Girl’s Guide to Traveling with Parents

My parents are two of the most capable people on the planet. My mother can milk a goat, upholster a sofa bed and make a pie crust that makes you think you’ve died and gone to pie heaven. When she was my age, she had had five kids including a set of triplets (yes, […]

6 Feb 2010

Unbrave Eats: Kushi-Katsu

In order to dispel any lingering myths my dad might have still had about the inherent healthiness of Japanese cuisine, I decided to take him out for one last round of bad-for-you eating on his last night here in Japan. And you really can’t get much more unhealthy than deep-fried-stuff-on-a-stick or, as it’s called […]